Outdoors / Optional

Outdoor shoot

Same rates ($1200 HD @120mins), but no lights (using external sun light) + Transportation cost


$50/hr for editing footages into final video (recommended 1 hours for every 10sec of final video , with at least 3 hours minimum engagement.
Soundtrack copyright issues to be taken care by client (e.g. Client provides or negotiate with hotel exhibiting video publicly)

Rental Bridal Gown & Tux 

  • rental of bridal gown or groom’s tux
  • WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get)
  • can bring your own costume
  • Any props in the studio ‘fair game’ as long as no damage
  • $15 / session

Banquet Nite : Rental of A/V Equipment 

$50/day for SSD or G-Tech drives (one main, one back-up)

$300/day for UHDTV (not including transport)

$200/day for Optima EH500 Projector (1920 x 1080)

$200/day for rental of A0/Long LED panel (including one A0 transparency)

$150/day for rental of A1/HumanHeight LED panel (including one A1 transparency)

$120/day for rental of A2 LED panel (inclusive one A2 transparency)


Make-up : $100 per hour (est.) minimum 2 hour engagement.

Confetti : Colour confetti @ $50 per session

Flower (rose) petals : Client to provide, or $80 per session (re-use)

Extra-hand studio help : 1st grip provided , 2nd grip $50 per session

Steamer can be provided (must request)

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